Distance Learning Instructions for Poratal and Registration

Click the “Sign Up” tab at the bottom right of the home page. Create a login with your chosen username and password, and these will be sent to us for approval.


Download relevant information and applications on the right and mail your applications to us at info@accsa.co.za. Once your application and payment has been confirmed, we will send you the password for your selected course module(s).


When you gain access to the course of your choice, you will be able to view the training videos (if applicable), as well as download course manuals and other documentation.

Study course material at your own pace, and when you feel you are ready to take the exam, simply mail us at info@accsa.co.za to book a date and time that suits you to test. On the chosen date and time, simply login to the "Examination" tab and follow the instructions to link with the proctor.

All ACCSA examinations are done through Skype. If you complete a Tier 1 Course module successfully, your certificate will be emailed to you shortly afterward. 

ACCSA Course and Certification Catalogue C1

ACCSA Basic Application A1

BACC Application A2

IACC Application A3

BAPC Application A4

IAPC Application A5

AMPC Application A6

BAPSA Membership Application M1

AIP Application A7

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